24 January 2012

Organizing Digital TV-show Collection

To day many people have all there DVDs or blu-rays ripped to there hard drive and with that comes the problem of organizing that collection. this problem is specially with TV shows that have many episodes and you want them all to have the right name and number, but it looks something like this.

So to day I'm going to show you how to organize your collection the easy way with a TVrename.

TVrename uses the TheTVDB database to find information on shows and rename them so that they have proper episode name and number.

download TVrename here

Now that you have installed TVrename and started it you can star to organize your collection.

First thing that you need to do is to got to Tools then Folder Monitor

Now you get a new window. In this window you add the folder with your collection.
Here I have added my folder TV and in there is my collection of TV shows.

So all I need to do now is to click the Check >> button and TVrename will look for Shows in that my TV folder.

Here TVrename found Family Guy. Here I see that the folder structure is flat, that means that all my episodes are just in that folder, not folder per season. I also see that there is no thetvdb code, so we need to find that.

there are to ways to find the thetvdb code. you can just press the Auto ID All button and TVrename will search and id all the shows. this works most of the time, but not all ways. So if auto id fails you can all ways just double click the show in the list and search manually.

If I'm sure that this is the right show, all I need to do is to click Add & Close.

Now that the show is in My Shows list, all I need to right click and click Scan "Family Guy" TVrename will then search the folder and list all the episodes that are in that folder an need name fixing.

Now the only thing left is to click Do Checked to rename the episodes and TVrename will rename all the episodes that are checked.

End after that my collection looks like this.

Now this looks much better then it did. Now I have the episodes in the right order and name to. Now it's much easier to make a play list or have them on a media center.


  • TVrename only uses the name of the folder and the name of the file, so if the file has no numbering or just wrong name from the start TVrename can not fix that.
  • there are some shows that may have wrong info or just no info at all in thetvdb and there is not much that you can do about that. but if you want to you can create account there and edit or add information on that show.

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