10 April 2012

Better text for windows

If you have ever used Mac OS or any Linux distro, you may have notice that all text looks much nicer then in windows. That is because Mac and Linux renders text differently then windows, so the text looks nicer.

To get this nicer text you need to install another text render for windows. gdipp is a little project to replace the windows text render and get a nicer more smother looking text for windows. Like this example from the project page shows.

Windows normal text render

Windows text render with gdipp

 Download like: http://code.google.com/p/gdipp/

  • This  project is still in the works, so there are some problems. just uninstall if you fiend some problems in programs that you use daily,
  • Needs a restart to full efface.
  • gdipp will not work with google chrome or chromium. The text will be unreadable. (as of writing)